WLGFL – Important Information for Team Managers and Team Secretaries

As soon as Full Time is set up we will let manager know of the changes.


Every Home Match

  • Contact opposing team manager no later than Wednesday
  • Contact designated referee- No later than Wednesday
  • All manager and referee contact details on are on the WLGFL website – the area is password protected.  The password is:  season2018
  • Confirm time, location, nearest toilets, directions, and footwear requirements
  • If time or location change from the fixtures list, ensure both teams agree and remember to inform Julie in advance – preferably at least 14 days in advance.


Failure to comply with this could result in a league official visit at wrong time/location, for which you will be responsible for fine and expenses!





  • Provide 2 match balls (not required for away matches)
  • Respect lines must be 2m from the touchline

Every Match

  • Text result to full time & Text Julie the result by 6pm same day as match played – remember to include team name and age group.     
  • Send Team sheets to Full time


  • SWAP ID sheet from WGS with opposition prior to start of match.
  • Where opposition has a card missing, you should refuse permission to play, and advise referee PRIOR TO START OF MATCH
  • Do not attempt to play a player without WGS sheet.
  • Pay the referee – both teams pay half fees as below – note offer to pay ref at start of match. She my request you hold on to end of match.  Just make sure you PAY her (or him)

Age Group

Payment per Team












Rate the Referee

  • 7-8 is considered good
  • 9-10 considered very good – say why! Give praise where it is due.
  • 5 or less should come with a reason
  • This information is used for the League Referee Secretary to support new and inexperienced referee’s. So please be honest and above all FAIR.  Nasty comments will not be tolerated – ensure you are considered in your comments


  • Please remind all parents and players of the need to respect the referee, abuse of any kind will not be tolerated, especially when the referee is under 18.  Any kind of shouting at, or arguing with the ref will be treated seriously, and potentially as a safeguarding issue.
  • All managers have a duty to safeguard U18 refs.




Quick Reference Guide to some rules/common queries

(Others can be found in rule book)

Registering New Players

  • New registrations on WGS will be checked on a Wednesday.  If not received by match day print out – cannot play the player.
  • Last date for registering new players with the league is 28th Feb 2019

Minimum Team Size


Min Number

5 aside




9 aside





League/Cup Deciding matches

  • All players must’ve played a minimum of 6 league games in current season

League Play Duration

Age Group

Each Way












Kick Off Times & Amending Time

  • On Team Details Sheet – can only be altered by mutual consent of two teams &  Notice to the League Secretary (Prior to Sunday evening fixtures sent out)

Rearranging Fixtures

  • Only with agreement of both teams AND consent of the fixtures secretary (Julie)
  • BOTH clubs must email Julie confirmation their agreement to change fixture date – and must ensure they have received confirmation from Julie before the Wednesday of the game (refs fees will be incurred by team requesting the change if consent not provided before Wednesday)


No referee? Assistant Refs

  • Both teams to agree upon a referee
  • Individual agreed upon has full referee authority and should be treated as such.
  • Referees must be at least one year older than the player age band (eg for U14s matches, referee must be 15)
  • Both teams will appoint an assistant ref if so required by the referee


Objections to pitch/goals/flags/other facilities

  • Should you have an issue with any of the above facilities, the objection must be lodged with the referee BEFORE THE START OF THE GAME
  • Any objections received after the game, which were not reported to ref prior to commencement will NOT be entertained by league or supported by club.

Other Match Rules

  • Back Pass is not allowed in any age group
  • 5 Subs can roll on roll off with refs approval
  • Teams can consist of up to
    • 10 players -5v5
    • 12 players – 7v7
    • 14 players – 9v9
    • 16 players – 11v11  (If playing a 9aside team only 14 players attend)


 A size 3 ball will be used for age groups U7 to U9.

A size 4 ball will be used for age groups U10 to U14.

A size 5 ball will be used for all other age groups.


Competition constitution had been emailed pre AGM.

U9  play 5v5                           12x6 goals

U10       7v7                            12x6 goals

U11        7v7                           12x6 goals

U12        9v9                           16x7 goals with offside 9aside pitch

U13        9v9                           16x7 goals with offside - 9aside pitch

U14       11 or 9 aside              24x8 goals with offside  (9v9 to be played if selected but on same size pitch)

U15       11 or 9aside               24x8 goals with offside  (9v9 to be played if selected full size pitch)

Youth    11or 9 aside               24x8 goals  (full size) with offside (9v9to be played if selected) before start of season.  9v9 teams                   24x8 goals  (full size) with offside



Dates for Your Diaries

League Meetings:

7th November 2019




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