League Winners and Runners up 2011-12.
U9s Teams: Blackpool, Blackburn CSC, Golborne, Hesketh Colts Woodbank & Wigan
U10s Wigan Athletic Runners Up
U10s Academy Juniors League Winners
U11s North Blackpool Girls Runners Up
U11s North Blackburn CSC League Winners
U11s West Runners Up TMS
U11s West League Winners Birkdale Utd
U12s North League Runners Up Blackpool Girls & Preston North End
U12s North League Winners Manchester City Ladies
U12s West Runners Up Burscough JFC
U12s West League Winners Burnley Girls
U13s North Runners Up Manchester City Ladies
U13s North Blackpool Girls League Winners
U14s League Runners Up Manchester City Ladies
U14s League Winners Up Preston North End
U15s Runners Up Burnley Girls
U15s League Winners Birkdale Utd
U16s League Runners Up Manchester City Ladies
U16s League Winners Cestria Girls
Youth Runners Up Burscough JFC
Youth League Winners Preston North End
Fair Play Winners 2011-12
U9s Hesketh Colts
U10s Dynamo Rangers
U11s Golborne Girls
U12s Aspull Juniors
U13s St Helens Town
U14s Burnley Girls
U15s Lostock Hall JFC
U16s Mersey Girls/Man City Ladies
Youth Wigan Athletic
League Cup Winners 2011-12
U11s Preston North End
U12s Manchester City Ladies
U13s Manchester City Ladies
U14s Preston North End
U15s Birkdale Utd
U16s Preston North End
Youth- Preston North End
Challenge Cup Winners 2011-12
U11s North- Preston North End
U11s West- Birkdale Utd
U12s North - Preston North End
U12s West - Burnley Girls
U14s - Preston North End
U16s - Cestria Girls
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