League Winners and Runners up 2009-10.
Under 10’s. Wigan Athletico
Runners Up. Bolton Community & Preston North End
Under 11’s North. Blackpool
Runners Up North . Wigan Athletic
Under 11’s West. Fillies
Runners Up. Burscough
Under 12’s North. Blackpool
Runners Up North. Academy
Under 12’s West. Crosby Stuart Ladies
Runners Up West. Birkdale United
Under 13’s. Burnley
Runners Up U13s. Birkdale United & Skem Athletic
Under 14’s Blackpool
Runners Up Wigan Athletic
Under 15’s Mersey Girls
Runners Up. Bleak Hill Rovers
U16s Division. Crosby Stuart Ladies
Runners Up. Burscough
League Cup Winners 2009-10
Under 10’s Wigan Athletic
Under 11’s Blackpool
Under 12’s Blackpool
Under 13’s Burnley
Under 14’s Blackpool
Under 15’s Mersey Girls
Under 16’s Crosby Stuart Ladies
Challenge Cup Winners 2009-10
Under 10s Wigan Athletic
Under 11’s North: Blackpool
Under 11’s West: Fillies
Under 12’s North: Blackpool
Under 12’s West: Crosby Stuart Ladies
U15s Mersey Girls
Sporting Cup Winners 2009-10
U10s Birkdale United
U11s Walshaw Sports Club
U12s Bolton Community
U13s Dynamo Rangers
Fair Play Awards 2009-10
U10’s -Athletico
U11’s North- Wigan Athletic
U11’s West - Burscough
U12’s North-Bury Girls
U12s’ West-Burscough
U13s-Lostock Hall
U14’s-Euxton Girls
U15’s-Wigan Athletic
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