Statement from the Management Committee of the West Lancashire Girls Football League
Many of you will have been aware of the FA statement which was released last week, summarily finishing the grass roots season for 2019/20 across the country.
Since that time, the League Committee has received farter guidance and advice about how to close the season through the Lancashire FA. A number of models and systems were presented to us, and we have taken some time to consider which is the most appropriate way to proceed at this time. 
A driving factor in these considerations has been that this must be a consistent decision, applying to all divisions, age-groups and teams. A ‘patchwork’ solution applying different solutions to different leagues would not be appropriate. We therefore looked at the feasibility and reliability of all the possible solutions offered to us, and have made the following decisions:
   - The 2019/20 League seasons will be declared null and void. All results will be voided, there will be no points awarded and no final tables published.
   - The 2019/20 Cup Finals, all of which had been set (in terms of date, location and participants) will be, at this time, postponed indefinitely. This decision will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
On the decision regarding the League seasons, we realise this will disappoint some teams who were in a particularly strong position in their respective age-groups. However, when applying a points-per-game solution to some divisions, it was clear that a number of leagues were open to significant interpretation and the outcome was certainly unclear. As stated above, any solution had to be applied consistently across all divisions and this fact negated any possibility of calculating final tables and therefore awarding titles. This is a decision which has been taken with a collective heavy heart, but it was unanimously taken as the only fair way of concluding the season.
With regard to the Cup Finals, we are willing to explore any possibility of still playing these if it is at all feasible. We are sure you are aware that this is a rapidly changing and evolving situation which we will continue to review. 
Thank you for your understanding in this matter, which I am sure you will appreciate has been an unprecedented and difficult one for the whole Committee. Please note that there will be no further communication or discussion on the matter of the 2019/20 League seasons; however we will keep Member Clubs updated on the Cup Finals as and when appropriate.
Please take care and stay safe.
The West Lancashire Girls Football League Management Committee
Covid-19 dated 16/3/2020
Following the Government’s announcement today, for people to avoid social contact and gatherings where possible, we are been advised  by the Lancashire FA that all grassroots football in the area is postponed for the foreseeable future. This includes all matches and events sanctioned by the WLGFL.

Throughout this period, The LFA have taken Government and FA advice with the priority being the health and wellbeing of all. They will continue to work closely with the grassroots game during this time.

The LFA are in regular communication with the FA / Government and the situation within English football at all levels remains under regular review. As a league, we will continue to liaise with them on your behalf and keep your informed accordingly. Thank you for your understanding and support.’





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The West Lancashire Girls Football League have been named "Charter standard League of the year 2013!" by The FA. This is a National award along with our Silver Respect award, representatives from the league visited wembley to recieve the award.This award is to recognise and reward the people and organisations driving grassroots football. The Awards build on the continued commitment of The FA to improve standards of community football and increase participation across all aspects of grassroots football through FA Charter Standard Clubs and Leagues.

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